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Simpleit SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services To Dramatically Improve Your Online Presence

See your optimized website rank high on the search engines.

Looking To Get traffic and boost sales? You Need SEO Services

The internet and internet marketing are the power house for every business now, and users only view first page of google returned results, if you do not have Google SEO and social activities, then your are in fact loosing the big change, globally as well as locally.

Whether you are a startup, a midsize business, or a marketer

Great content, new product, trade or service only gets seen if it is correctly optimized to target the potential audience and buyers. If you are about to re-design, add a product to your lineup, implement technical features, or promote your fashion blog, SEO can provide you with the right strategy to increase sales, traffic and ROI.

Internet marketing and SEO has not changed a lot over the years, but have become more full featured.

SEO is both art and science, it has the potential to bring in incredible amount of traffic.

It’s never too late to undo Bad SEO and get maximum exposure in search results.
SEO Services Top Search Results

Top ranking in search results are possible with White Hat SEO

We master the art of finding awesome keywords & key phrases

We monitor keyword rankings daily to strategize your digital marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. We track tens of thousands of keywords – yours and those of your major competitors.

Optimizing website pages for your users and search engine

Worry about pages not SEO optimized, or overly optimized? Our on site optimization service will get you the right Title tag, heading and optimize your content for better conversion and results

We monitor keyword rankings daily to strategize your digital marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. We track tens of thousands of keywords – yours and those of your major competitors. We will pick those keywords that will bring you the right traffic, lead and sales.

With our SEO services, your content will be seen, traffic to your site will increase, and your sales will improve.

SEO Audit Reports – Included

Understand your website performance

Free SEO Report Weekly

Every week, we provide all our clients with a comprehensive web-site audit, which fully analyzes website, SEO and online marketing improvement from head to toe. It tells you what’s been done since the last site audit and what still needs to be done. Get a free site audit now and find out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Link Building

Link building is one of the main ways of getting the search engines to take you seriously. But these links must be from authoritative sites, and Google will penalize you for getting links from “link farms”. Link Building is a difficult and time-consuming process: we know how to do it right.

  • Targeting highly searched industry keywords
  • Providing only industry related and search friendly keywords
  • Embracing both do follow and no follow links
  • Improve the search engine indexing process
  • Improve ranking and CTR
  • Boosting website traffic and your website visibility

Keyword Research


Link Building


Targeted Traffic



Business is all about Intelligence – the more information you have, the better business decisions you can make. We generate weekly analytics reports, so you know exactly what’s working and what needs improvement, you know where your traffic is coming from, how long they’re staying on the site, and what pages they visited. We monitor your traffic, online data and analytics.

0.33% CTR

10% less CPA

136% ROI

Save time and money

Whether you are looking to bring more traffic to your current website, or trying to convert more visitors to potential buyers, Simplit SEO solutions can help you achieve higher ranking, better visibility and performance on search engine results.
Our methods are in line with latest search engine algorithm updates so your SEO is complete hassle free!

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So What Is Real SEO?

The Spirit of SEO is to improve your website to that it ranks better and when done correctly this means that user engagement in search is getting better experience when visiting your site because your website is more relevant to their queries, this will also result in more viewers and traffic to the website which will create conversion rate.


We provide you with foolproof Weekly SEO Audit Reports, so you can track updates and improvements.

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